Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Entrance for our Ranch here in Oregon

I just wanted to post a picture of our entrance. The metal mustang on the fence was a gift from several very special horsewomen in Sacramento. The big wheel was a gift from my sister in Upland, California. The Wagon Wheel symbolizes to me a continuum of spirit between earth's nature and man's history intertwined with horses. Horses were used by man to pull our belongings, to fight our wars, to carry us to new places. The domesticated horse has never had it so good as they do now, and I hope we never return them to the abused beast of burden that they were in the past. No matter what we do as humans we are governed by the laws of nature. And here at Elkhead Farms, we honor the beauty and spirit and truth of the earth. Our appreciation and many blessings to our friends, family and all spirits.

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